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Wheel: Total diameter:arrow_drop_up Tire width: Rim diameter: Rim width: Weight: Rarity:

14 mm6 mm11 mm8 mm0.75g common
14 mm7 mm7 mm4 mm0.5g uncommon

17 mm6 mm11 mm8 mm1.1g common
20 mmno tire20 mm?3g common
23 mmno tire23 mm23 mm4g common

24 mm13.5 mm17.5 mm16 mm3g common

24 mm7 mm17 mm7 mm3g common

30 mm3 mm24 mm3 mm2g common

30 mm10 mm17 mm7 mm6g common

30 mm14 mm17.5 mm16 mm9g common

30 mm14 mm17.5 mm16 mm9g common

30.4 mm14 mm17.5 mm16 mm8g common

30.5 mm14 mm24 mm14 mm6g common

37 mm21 mm30 mm20 mm10g common

42 mm13 mm30 mm13 mm14g common
42.5 mmno tire42.5 mm27.5 mm12g uncommon

43 mm26 mm30 mm20 mm13g common

43 mm28 mm30 mm22.5 mm18g common

43.2 mm14 mm30 mm14 mm13g uncommon

43.2 mm21 mm30 mm20 mm15g common

43.2 mm13 mm30.5 mm14 mm18g common

43.2 mm22 mm30.4 mm20 mm17.5g uncommon

49 mm19 mm30.5 mm19 mm17g uncommon

49.5 mm20 mm30 mm20 mm17g common

49.5 mm20 mm30.4 mm20 mm16g rare

56 mm24 mm30 mm20 mm18g common

56 mm28 mm43 mm26 mm23g uncommon

56 mm26 mm30.4 mm20 mm18g rare

62.4 mm20 mm43 mm17.5 mm46g uncommon

63 mm19 mm30 mm19 mm27g uncommon

67 mm14 mm58.5 mm14 mm25g rare

67 mm27.5 mm58.5 mm27.5 mm33g uncommon

68.7 mm27 mm43.2 mm26 mm31g rare

68.7 mm33 mm43 mm26 mm30g uncommon
68.8 mmno tire68.8 mm35 mm18g rare

68.8 mm36 mm56 mm34 mm39g common

68.8 mm36 mm43 mm34 mm35g uncommon

68.8 mm39 mm43 mm30 mm59g uncommon

68.8 mm36 mm56 mm34 mm39g rare
71 mmno tire71 mm46 mm37g rare

75.1 mm28 mm43.2 mm26 mm28g rare

81.6 mm13.6 mm61.6 mm13.6 mm32g rare

81.6 mm13.6 mm61.6 mm13.6 mm30g common

81.6 mm44 mm61.6 mm42 mm58g rare

81.6 mm44 mm62.3 mm42 mm57g rare

81.6 mm42 mm56 mm26 mm47g uncommon

81.6 mm37 mm43 mm26 mm41g uncommon

81.6 mm36 mm56 mm34 mm51g rare

81.6 mm33 mm68 mm29.5 mm55g rare

81.6 mm49 mm62 mm45 mm88g rare

81.6 mm36 mm56 mm34 mm51g rare

81.6 mm44 mm62.3 mm42 mm57g rare

82 mm23 mm43 mm23 mm53g uncommon

82 mm33 mm62 mm31 mm69g rare

92 mm20 mm74.5 mm20 mm54g rare

92 mm27 mm74.5 mm20 mm63g rare

94.2 mm20 mm75 mm17 mm36g uncommon

94.2 mm22 mm75 mm15.8 mm35g rare

94.3 mm38 mm75 mm31.6 mm59g rare

94.3 mm37 mm56 mm34 mm67g uncommon

94.8 mm42 mm56 mm34 mm58g uncommon

100.6 mm18 mm75 mm17 mm40g uncommon

105 mm60 mm62 mm45 mm188g rare

107 mm44 mm56 mm34 mm81g uncommon
156 mmno tire156 mm27 mm55g rare
212 mmno tire212 mm21 mm84g rare